A transformative experience to align each area of your life, break through limitations, and overcome self-doubt to live the life you desire. 

Become unstoppable and embrace each day with passion, purpose, and determination.

Transformational Mindset Coach

You just need the right tools to unlock the confidence and passion burning within. I have exactly what you need. As a Certified Mindset and Wellness Coach, I have worked with others just like you – who want to uplevel their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually.

You’re not alone. 

• Lacking confidence and little belief in yourself?
• Feeling stuck no matter what direction you turn?
• Completely lost after divorce?

• Moving without clear direction or purpose?
• Letting others dictate your choices and your results?
• Struggling financially?

Do you feel like you’re just drifting through life… 

Together, we’ll create breakthroughs that will completely transform your life. 

• Exude Self-Confidence
• Inspire others with your true passion
• Find joy personally and professionally

• Create your own reality 
• Build a luxury lifestyle 
• Align your mind, body, and spirit 

Instead, you can

You don’t have to be stuck anymore. 

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Level up and live your best life

After my divorce from my husband, I realized a piece of me had been missing. I recognized I was always walking behind rather than beside him, and I wasn’t living for ME. I felt like a failure. Unworthy. With no clear direction to move forward.

That’s when I knew I needed to go deep within and align my mind, body, and spirit. Through coaching, movement, and practice, I discovered happiness, confidence, and the life I was meant for! Now, helping clients live THEIR best lives is my superpower. 

I am here to give you direction and uncover the beliefs, emotions, and patterns that no longer serve you. I’m here to help you experience the freedom and joy that comes from within when you finally discover how to live the luxurious life you so deeply desire.

It’s time to level up and be your BEST self

Hi, I’m Kathleen

Look at these incredible transformations

Raquel Carneque
Manhattan, New York 

"Working with Kathleen at Whispers Within Us has been the best financial and personal investment I’ve made in my life. It’s worth every single dime, minute, and hour I spent. As a result, I have received the most amazing life gifts, many of which I never could have imagined possible. My new mindset has led me into an abundant life working with my mind, body and spirit."

Cherise Porter
Minneapolis, MN

"Before working with Kathleen I was drifting through my life. I sit today working with my passion I love… I work fewer hours and spend more time with my family…it’s been life changing."

Lauren Bralene
Chicago, IL

Kathleen has helped me change my life. I’ve not only been able to handle the stress of motherhood and work, but I’ve been thriving at both while setting boundaries. I just received my 3rd promotion since working with her and I am co-leading a marketing team of 30.

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Gain complete confidence and take control of your own thoughts, words and actions in 8 weeks or less! The most comprehensive program designed to help find your purpose, become unstuck, and gain total confidence to do anything you put your mind to. 

Self Confidence Camp

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Embark on a personalized journey of self-discovery and fulfillment where you’ll receive 1:1 mentorship to find direction, uncover your passions, and align your next steps with your true purpose. 

Pathway to Purpose Mentor Program 

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A group coaching program designed specifically for divorced women seeking to reinvent themselves through a supportive community and expert guidance. You’ll conquer self-limiting beliefs, exude confidence, and harmonize your mind, body, and soul, paving the way for the luxurious lifestyle you deserve. 

From Mrs. to Miss Mastermind

You can create your own reality, too.

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Take control of your life — and rediscover your path to happiness and the life you’ve been dreaming of.