When I divorced my husband, I hit rock bottom. I felt unworthy, like a failure, lacking purpose, direction, and passion. I felt completely lost. I realized I was walking behind him for years rather than alongside him, and I wasn’t living for ME.

That’s when I knew something needed to change. Through coaching, movement, and aligning my mind, body, and spirit, I finally found the happiness I had been searching for. A fire was lit inside me, and I wanted others to feel the same joy I found. 

Your coach and mentor. 

Hi, I’m Kathleen Walton

I am here to give you the tools and guidance to find direction and uncover the beliefs, emotions, and patterns that no longer serve you — the tools that allow you to become more confident, effective, and fulfilled. 

I can’t wait for you to experience the freedom and joy that comes from within when you finally discover how to live the luxurious life you so deeply desire!

My Mission is to empower and guide you to create inner peace and personal growth by focusing on an action plan encompassing the mind, body, and spirit.  

I believe that each person's journey is unique and that empathy and understanding are essential to helping people find their life purpose and strive to become their best selves. 

Sought-After Speaker

Certified RYS Yin Yoga Instructor

Mother, Mentor, and Friend

Best Selling Author

Certified Wellness Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition 

Global Transformational Mindset Coach and Founding Ambassador for the Napoleon Hill Institute

I am now proud to call myself a: 

Get to know me, quiz style!

09. what is your biggest strength in being visible online?

just showing up and being vulnerable in all that I share. I love showing others that they can do it too!

a. Facebook 
b. Twitter
c. Instagram
d. YouTube

08. What is your favorite social platform?

a. Ireland
b. Costa Rica
c. Paris
d. Italy

07. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Sitting cuddled up to my dogs journaling

06. what is your favorite morning routine?

a. Margarita 
b. Gin & Tonic
c. Cosmopolitan
d. Champaign

05. Drink of choice

the sun

04. What is one thing you can't live without?

a. Target
b. Madewell
c. Banana Republic
d. American Eagle

03. what is one store are you most likely to shop for life?

Sweet cream cold brew.

02. How do you take your coffee?

a.  The Blacklist
b. Fire Fly Lane
c. Better Call Saul
d. All of the above

01. what is currently on Your Netflix watch list?


It’s time to level up and live your best life. 

Take a step toward the life you’ve been dreaming of.